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Product name: Compound microbial agent

Company: Jinan Agri-Star New Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.

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The fat star compound microbial agent contains Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus subtilis, Trichoderma, PGPR, and Burkella, and has excellent strains and strong flora. It has strong disease prevention and disease resistance. It is based on the current crops due to heavy planting, soil compaction, soil-borne diseases, professional root rot, stem root rot caused by roots losing absorption capacity, dead, small yellow leaves and serious crop quality. , a new generation of complex microbial agents developed by real problems such as reduced production. The application in all parts of the country shows that it can not only improve the soil structure, improve the fertilizer utilization rate, but also increase the soil fertility; it can effectively promote the development of crop roots, robust plants, thick green leaves, thickened leaves and enhanced photosynthesis. The crops have enhanced resistance to stress and pests and diseases, reduce the use of pesticides, reduce the residues of pesticide residues, and truly improve the quality of crops and increase the income of farmers!

The net weight of this product is 20KG, powdery, can be combined with bacterial fertilizer to make the base fertilizer, can also be applied by ditch and acupoint. It can also be used with Chong Shi No. 1 or other chemical fertilizers.

Precautions: Do not use with fungicides at the same time. When used together with chemical fertilizers, they should be mixed immediately.