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Product name: Seaweed biological fertilizer

Company: Jinan Agri-Star New Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.

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Product parameters

Prevent bacteria by bacteria

Bacillus megaterium ≥ 0.2 billion / g PGPR root ring promoting bacteria ≥ 200 million / g organic matter ≥ 40% seaweed ≥ 8%

Amino acid ≥5% potassium fulvic acid, calcium ≥9% animal and plant protein, chitin ≥10%

Applicable crop

Economic crops such as vegetables, fruit trees, tobacco, tea, and medicinal materials; oilseeds such as camellia, peanuts, and rapeseed; food crops such as rice, wheat, and corn.


1. If it is used in combination with chemical fertilizers, it should be mixed and applied immediately. It should not be stored for a long time.

2, stored in a cool dry place, can not be mixed with fungicide pesticides.

3. If the surface of the particle becomes white and the moisture absorption is normal, it will not affect the product quality.

Characteristics of seaweed fertilizer

1. Comprehensive nutrition and easy absorption: The fertilizer is rich in algae oligosaccharides, vitamins, seaweed, amino acids and various nutrients necessary for plant production. It has full nutrition, fast absorption, robust plant growth, and effective prevention of various physiological functions of plants. The occurrence of sexual diseases.

2. Antibacterial, anti-disease and anti-disease: Contains functional bacteria such as Bacillus megaterium and PGPR, which can dissolve phosphorus, dissolve potassium and fix nitrogen; effectively inhibit harmful bacteria in soil through antagonistic, occupying and heavy parasitism The quantity of the soil improves the micro-ecological environment of the soil, and has a good preventive effect on the diseases caused by heavy wilt, yellow wilt, root rot, dead tree and fruit tree rotten root, root cancer, and gum.

3, loose soil, fertility and soil fertility: can reduce soil compaction, promote soil agglomeration, effectively improve soil fertility, water, gas, heat conditions, improve crop drought resistance, cold resistance, anti-caries ability.

4, promote roots and strong seedlings, preserve flowers and preserve fruit: seaweed extract contains a large number of active substances necessary for the growth of natural crops, can directly participate in plant production, improve crop roots, plant robust, photosynthesis enhanced, preserved flowers, fruit, Listed in advance.

5. Improve quality, increase production and increase income: It can increase the content of protein, vitamins and sugar in crops, and has obvious effect of increasing yield, good taste, fresh taste, long-lasting transportation and long storage time.