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Product name: Vegetable special soybean meal biological fertilizer

Company: Jinan Agri-Star New Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.

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Product parameters

Organic matter ≥ 40% Effective active bacteria ≥ 20 million / g

product details

Feixing (vegetable) soybean meal bio-fertilizer is a close cooperation between Jinan Aoli New Fertilizer Co., Ltd. and the Biotechnology Research Center of the Eastern Academy of Sciences. It introduces Japan's advanced fermentation equipment and production technology, and uses food processing according to the fertilizer characteristics of fruit trees. The tailings of soybean sugar, peanut powder and corn starch are sterilized by high temperature, fully fermented and fermented, and then added with effective functional strains.

It can promote the growth of spicy crops such as vegetables by inhibiting bacteria, preventing disease, promoting growth, resisting heavy shovel, avoiding deep ploughing, not burning roots, not burning seedlings, preventing dead trees, inhibiting nematodes, reducing the occurrence of diseases. It is the fertilizer of choice for the production of non-polluting, green, organic vegetables and other spicy crops.