Product name: HSR series single stage high pressure three-leaf Roots blower

Company: Shandong Haifude Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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HSR series single-stage high-pressure three-lobe Roots blowers include HSR single-stage high-pressure Roots blowers and HSR single-stage high-vacuum Roots vacuum pumps. This product is the patented technology adopted by our company to independently develop the "multi-leaf impeller positive (negative) pressure Roots blower structure with counterflow device" and the "Rocket blower with vacuum flow device and new structure of vacuum pump". Technology, combined with our company's more than 10 years of design and manufacturing experience, a new generation of single-stage high-pressure ratio Roots blowers and high-vacuum Roots vacuum pumps.


(1) Adopting a number of patented technologies such as countercurrent devices, the structure design is advanced and reasonable.

(2) The impeller adopts a specially designed trilobal composite type line with high efficiency.

(3) The processing precision of key parts is high, and the blower (vacuum pump) is guaranteed to run smoothly.


Main Specifications:

Single-stage high-pressure Roots blower flow: 1.90-54.75m3/min

Pressure: 88.2-147kPa

Single machine dry high vacuum Roots vacuum pump flow: 0.53-83.04m3/min

Vacuum degree: -49 - -78.4kPa