Product name: MJ series Roots blower

Company: Shandong Haifude Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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MJ series three-leaf Roots blower is a new product developed on the basis of our company's many years of production and manufacturing. It combines fan, motor, import and export silencer and so on, the structure is more compact, installation and maintenance are more worry-free, greatly improving the utilization of space.


Fan diameter: 65, 80, 100, 150, 175, 200

Model Flow Pressure

MJ65 type 0.76m3/min-3.30m3/min 9.8kPa-78.4kPa

MJ80 type 2.07m3/min-5.23m3/min 9.8kPa-78.4kPa

MJ100 type 4.91m3/min-10.44m3/min 9.8kPa-58.8kPa

MJ150 type 9.96m3/min-25.48m3/min 9.8kPa-78.4kPa

MJ175 type 19.65m3/min-40.75m3/min 9.8kPa-58.8kPa

MJ200 type 26.33m3/min-59.01m3/min 9.8kPa-78.4kPa

Standard accessories:

Universal base, belt cover, fan pulley, motor pulley, V-belt, safety valve, pressure gauge, air inlet silencer, anchor bolt.

Special accessories:

Air outlet silencer, check valve, elastic joint, gear oil.