Product name: MD series Roots blower

Company: Shandong Haifude Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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Based on years of experience in manufacturing and manufacturing, our company develops new products based on market demand. The product has the characteristics of good sealing, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration and wide application range.

(1) The fan uses pressure from 19.6 kPa to 117.6 kPa, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, cement and other fields.

(2) The fan impeller adopts a composite type line with perfect meshing, less leakage and high efficiency.

(3) The material of the blower impeller is ductile iron, the contour is processed by CNC machine tool, the gear is of 5 grade precision, the imported bearing is adopted, and the rotor dynamic balance quality grade is not lower than G6.3 grade. Therefore, the product has low noise and reliable operation.

(4) The airflow is small, the vibration of the whole machine is low, the operation is stable, and the basic requirements for the installation of the fan are low.

(5) The air volume of the fan is 5 m3/min - 350 m3/min. The coverage is large and the application range is wide. Users can choose the most suitable fan.

(6) The product is compact in structure, small in size and light in weight.


Fan diameter: 80-500

Air volume: 5-350m3/min

Pressure: 19.6kPa-117.6kPa

Motor power: 5.5-355KW

Standard accessories:

Universal base, belt cover, fan pulley, motor pulley, V-belt, safety valve, pressure gauge, air inlet silencer, anchor bolt.

Special accessories:

Air outlet silencer, check valve, elastic joint, gear oil.