New Fertilizer

Product name: Cardamom bio-fertilizer

Company: Jinan Agri-Star New Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.

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Product parameters

Bacillus megaterium ≥ 20 million / g PGPR root ring promoting bacteria ≥ 200 million / g xylomycin ≥ 190 million / g

Bacillus subtilis, Burkholderia ≥ 230 million / g organic matter ≥ 40% amino acid ≥ 5%

Cobalt fulvate potassium, fulvic acid ≥ 10% animal and plant protein, chitin ≥ 9.8% humic acid ≥ 8.5%

Trace elements in magnesium, sulfur, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, boron, molybdenum, silicon, etc.

product details

Philippine bacterium has added five major functional bacteria: PGPR rhizosphere-promoting bacteria, B418 bacteria, Trichoderma, Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus megaterium.

They live in harmony with each other, jointly inhibit the activities of harmful bacteria in the soil, reduce the infection of harmful bacteria on crops, and achieve the purpose of inhibiting bacteria and preventing disease by promoting bacteria.


 1. Increase soil nutrients and increase soil fertility. Products containing a large number of crops require nutrients, humus and functional bacteria; the life activities of functional bacteria, the soil can not directly absorb the use of materials into substances that can be absorbed, improve crop nutrition, reduce physiological diseases, and increase crop yield.

 2. Increase soil humus content, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, improve soil permeability, and improve soil fertility, water retention and ventilation.

 3. Protect and promote the growth and development of crop roots. After the product is applied to the soil, the functional bacteria rapidly multiply and form a protective circle around the root system to inhibit the harmful bacteria from invading the root system and reduce the occurrence of root diseases. At the same time, the functional bacteria can produce various antibiotics, auxins, vitamins and other active substances. It stimulates root development and crop growth, and enhances crop resistance to disease, drought, frost and cold.

 4. Decompose pesticide residues in the soil, complex and immobilize heavy metals in the soil, purify the toxic substances in the soil, reduce the damage of heavy mites, and promote the robust growth of the roots.

Application method

It can be applied by acupoints, ditching, and spreading. If a small crop of plants can be applied, it must be thoroughly mixed with the soil.